Branding App

2 Weeks 
(Spring 2023)
Anna Chuenrudeemol
Dion Lewis
UI Design
UX Research
Interaction Design
App Prototyping

OverviewNOMnom targets an existing gap in the digital solutions to food-tracking. By leveraging gamification and rewards-based methods of tracking and incentivizing
progress, we reframe picky-eating as a collaborative opportunity for learning and growth for parents and children.

Final Exhibit

Click here to access the app virtually in Figma

Problem Space

Picky Eating

How might we persuade people to try out new foods and eat foods they don’t like?
The topic we elected to pursue is persuading children to try new and unfamiliar foods, especially in the case of ingredients they don’t think they like. We felt like food is a fairly universal space to practice persuasion, especially in the case of picky-eaters, moreover working with a younger audience in mind raises the stakes and is more personally compelling given the importance of establishing healthy food-based habits early in life. To combat this issue, we would like to embrace a non-confrontational method to encourage trying new foods, rather than forcing foods on them. By “gamifying” food and incentivizing children to play with their meals rather than forcing them to consume things, children will be able to have an emotional connection by gaining positive memories about the food.


Daily Feed

A personalized overview of
recipes for trying new foods.
The recipes shown are
personally catered depending
on where you are in your
food journey.

Food Map

A map of your food journey 
with branching paths of more 
challenging foods in a gamified 
layout, similar to a game’s skill tree.


Catalog of foods with
progress rings that features
a star (interface-based
motivators) when foods
are fully accomplished.

Home Page

Collaborative page for the 
parent and child to personalize 
their profile, as well as view 
statistics of their overall 
food journey.

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