Mire Lee Interactive Exhibit

4 Weeks
(Fall 2022)
Adobe PS/Ai/AE
3D Modeling
Experience Design
Interaction Design
Lo-Fi Prototyping
Physical Prototyping

OverviewAn exhibit showcasing the work of artist Mire Lee at the Miller ICA. Technology is used to augment content, enhancing learning and making the museum experience more interactive. Visitors are taken on a journey of the process of how Mire Lee creates her work, increasing understanding and engagement with her sculptures. 

Final Exhibit

Click here to access the exhibit virtually


1. Introduction to the Space

Given the limitation of the scale of her work, I couldn’t physically bring in her work to view in my exhibit. Instead, I opted to create an interaction in which visitors could see and hear her older larger-scale installations. A pressure sensor is used to detect the presence of individuals, prompting the screen to start/stop playing the video.

    2. Materials: Sound and Movement

    Vore has to do with a desire for unification with another being, which inspired this space where it turns from an individual to group experience. It also acts as a transition to the next area where “vore” is physically experienced, in which visitors feel as if they are being consumed by the environment. Videos taken from “Carriers” (2020).

    3. Vorarephilia

    Changes in the wall, lighting, sound, and temperature combine to make the visitor feel like they are being consumed. This encourages the learning of the concept of vore to those that are unfamiliar, acting on fears such as darkness (“walking into the void”) and claustrophobia to elevate feelings as you interact with the space.

    Read about the full process below